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Frequently Unasked Questions

It is in our blood is human beings to question and challenge the unknown. We are inquisitive creatures, yearning not only affection but another way to view our elaborate world.

Here, The KKL©™ dedicate significant amount of time and patience to build and grow a prosperous mind. Below are several frequently unasked questions we tend to bottle up on the inside. Most websites answer what we already know, but what if we challenge ourselves to answer the unknown without brute force or awkwardness?

What is the main purpose of The KKL?

The primary purpose is creating an atmosphere to showcase what means the most to me as a writer and frivolous creator. I balance various avenues daily, so my life tends to clutter up with useful junk. So, instead of keeping it all to myself, I developed a spot to show my support for others and grow established as a reformed illustrator, writer, and indie business owner.

How long have you been in business?

I’ve been touched by the entrepreneur spirit since I was 12 years old but didn’t fully embrace it until I turned 20 years old. The KKL is merely seven months old (as of November 15th, 2021). This pretty kitty will linger for years to come.

Who is your competition? Is there a sense of urgency to reach the top?

My competition is Adult Swim. Why? Because I think nobody tried to compete against them (in terms of creativity and supporting underground musicians). There’s a first for everything I guess! However, there’s not a sense of urgency wanting to reach the top. If Adult Swim is ranked number one with sponsoring and creating raw talent, then I shall snuggle up in the number two spot until number one burns out and falls flat. Then I guess you can say I am striving for the number one spot. 😅😅😅

Are there alternatives to The Kitty Kat Life©™?

Yes, a matter of fact. I began my business journey in May 5, 2016. However, almost four years later, I created (with transparent help from Iann [Supreme Being Zociety©™] Darcy) my original idea from scratch. The KKL has a big sister called Blk Cat Zon3©™. Originally, BCZ3 (pronounced as BCZ without saying the number 3; the long version is the same way) was a test subject. Since I love black cats 🐈‍⬛🖤 and I’m always in the zone when I’m having a… “mommy moment”… I might as well create a void for those such as myself and others like me! Blk Cat Zon3©™ will resurface soon in 2022, so stay in the Zon3 and catch you on the flip side (two signature slogans)!

Explain your key features and the gain you would like for The KKL receive.

The KKL deserves recognition more than anything. I’m focused to develop the purrfect environment that promotes indie artists, writers, musicians, proofreaders, beginner live streamers, and more. Why? Because if everyone is too focused with ranking for the top spot in Google then who’s really at fault here? The secondary gain is generating enough funds to support the cause and recycle ♻️♻️♻️ it back to the people in various avenues, like publicity, empowerment, and money. 💵💶🪙 The key features is transparency, willingness to work and develop as a company, and explore lucrative opportunities for those needing it more.

Is this a form of a Pyramid Scheme?

No, it is not. I am not advertising services to promote multilevel marketing. This platform is geared towards giving back more than what was put in. Relishing in the digital age, we must remember to admire the traditional values prior to advancement or else grow fearful and stressed with multiple societal changes.

How many words are on each of page?

There’s an average word count between 25 to 400 words. I keep things short and sweet here, and juicy details on the sister site, Blk Cat Zon3©™ 🐈‍⬛🖤👋🏾

Is there any merch or e-downloads available?

Soon we will have a mini library of public and premium content. Some will be available at a click of the button. Others will either showcase elsewhere, like Omlet Arcade, Twitch, YouTube, or The Kitty Kat Life spreadshirt store.

Thank you so much for stopping by and allowing me to show you who I am. Your questions, asked or unasked, are important to help me develop into a more responsive kitty kat *meow meow*

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