Man, talk about a serious life change. Sorry for taking almost a month to post quality content. I’ve been wrapped up with classes and figuring out our next moves before the start of winter. Between you and me, I’m more than ready to leave this place behind.

Imagine scrolling throughout the interweb of Google, hunting for the purrfect house or apartment to house you and your loving family. Both my husband and I are working diligently to put a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. Now, it’s well time to seriously move, especially since I am about to go bat shit crazy. Allow me to elaborate…

Relocation Time!

Starting with what we already know, our family is moving to a fresh city or suburbs. We haven’t saved enough money to make that move, but I finally secured a job that will help us save more than hurt us. There’re several loose ends I need to burn together before leaving Texas, but I think mostly we got it down.

The job I’m planning to return to is customer service. Customer service is a vital job or career path many entry level employment seekers take advantage of. True, we should have our customer’s best interest in mind, especially approaching the holidays and the upcoming new year. However, what is the accurate definition of working customer service and keeping your cool when things go left?

The biggest secret I can tell you is having empathy while surviving inbound and outbound phone calls. Employers won’t tell you this when you’re actively hunting for the proper customer service or collections job position that pays $14+/hour, even as an entry level. But I think I just gave you one of the biggest secrets I know regarding that industry, along with being a swift learner.

Anyway, for over two weeks I submitted several job applications and housing assistance until I finally received some word with both housing and employment. I’m really going to enjoy this, especially now I’m doing something worthwhile than damaging what’s around me.

We haven’t told everyone yet, but I can’t wait to let dad know we will not be in Texas after several weeks. I know he’s going to tell me what I’m doing is a big mistake, especially moving far away from family, but I don’t mind moving away from my family. Everyone stressed me out so badly that I will do whatever it takes to get where I need to be.

GCU & Side Business Gigs

I’m handling college well! This is the first time I’m pushing beyond my limits to make it work the way it should. The next hurdle is maintaining college classes while working and balancing parenting and completely securing our businesses [husband and I].

We aimed this month to officially make business strides so we could end the year purrfectly. However, life happened, and now I am addicted to the relocation process. Also, my husband isn’t feeling too well, and we cannot afford someone getting ill at this point. So, like a good wife *rolls eyes and sucks my teeth a little* I shall do my kitty kat duties and make sure everything goes smoothly.

He makes me worry a lot, I’ll tell you what. His communication is improving, but I still feel I’m on the back burner. Thankfully, we’re not how we used to be last year or when we first met. I was silly to pray for him to be who he was when we first met. Hell, we were super crazy and stubborn with each other. Now, he makes me the most happiest kitty kat in the entire world. Nothing won’t pull me away from him…

Okay, except if he cheats on me…

Then I’ll have to kill him…

Anyway! *nervous chuckling*

I’m currently sitting at a 3.7 GPA in my GCU mandated class. It’s not all that bad, really, since I’m learning how to write effective papers and reduce the habit of cussing a lot. In person, I’m still a salty sailor, but in my writing I’m cutting back almost 60% of my vulgar and informal approach towards others.

Towards the end of November, I start my new class! I’m excited with this because it’s psychology. Finally, reaching class number three and staying on top of turning in my assignments. Oh yeah, *clears my throat*, I’m also changing majors, so instead of Communications, I’m going to focus on Digital Arts (concentration with Screenwriting). I figured the way I write and what I thought I was good at wasn’t matching up the way it should.

When I write, I’m not intentionally talking to you, but I pretend I’m narrating my private life to an audience that’s watching me live through whatever I’m living through. Ever watched Ned’s Declassified? That was my show when I started writing seriously in the 5th grade. Ned’s first day of middle school and his survival guide to survive school changed how I viewed writing.

Then, another show I enjoyed watching while learning how to grow up was Awkward. Jenna was my girl, and she should’ve left boys alone and focused on herself. Matty didn’t deserve Jenna, let alone tried to stay friends with each other. Anyway, I dove deeply into blogging after watching that MTV series because I could relate to Jenna with ease.

At first, I did what she did, and used blogging as a form of journaling my thoughts and dreams on digital paper. Over time, I felt it was time for the entire world to see. I started an old blog that focused on my journey with Melody Moon, my first daughter, but I didn’t stick with it. Everyone focused a lot on love, hope, and happiness, and not enough parents talked about depression, fear, and being single with a baby for the first time (or at least coping with the reality of parenthood at a young age).

Now, I finally realized that I should focus on what makes me happy, even if I didn’t practice this shit until four kids later (six, but I miscarried twins before meeting my husband). The things that make me happy, I realized I have to fight for it every waking moment. Getting a house and two new cars requires determination and drive. I also need to focus on being the best I can be, even if there’s not much to my name.

Hari, WTF did you learn?

Man, there’s a lot I learned, but I think I rediscovered what makes me happy. Now, I’m forcing myself to do whatever it takes, than sit around and wait for it to happen. I know my husband doesn’t want me to work too much, and still be around the kids, but everyone’s getting older, and soon they will watch after themselves.

Another thing I learned is I made awesome new friends at Grand Canyon University. I remember I asked the staff about the lingering stigmas regarding Christian colleges, and if they could clarify everything. In an online setting, it’s not bad at all. They respect everyone and their religious backgrounds. So long as you mind your business, everyone else will tend to theirs.

I hope this post helps some. In the next several weeks, I’m going to take more time reorganizing everything before I make my website live again. I want to pay for the two year Premium subscription so I don’t have to worry about inconveniences like this. Thank y’all so much for hanging in there with me a little longer.

Until next time my Kitties…