Hi my beloved WordPress family!

Today I have a quick and easy post regarding mobile #gaming and #streaming. Also, this is probably the only time you would see in-text hashtags.

Almost a week ago, I downloaded this unique streaming app called Omlet Arcade. At first I thought it was trash. However, I did not want to keep struggling with Twitch, so this app have to do.

Well, this morning I decided to switch muh Twitch (say that 10x fast) handle from my former pen name DarbriaSMoon to TheKittyKatLife7619.

What’s up with the 7619???

That’s when my husband and I met for the first time… And also almost 8 weeks later we were pregnant 🤣🤣🤣 the perks of falling in love with your partner in legal crime– er, I mean, the King of the Century 💜💙💜💙 love you boo!!!

Anyway, after switching my handle, I decided to try and live stream on Twitch for the first time in two weeks. Now here’s the kicker… I used Omlet Arcade to do a third party stream than using the actual Twitch platform.

For 3 hours I pushed my way up the ranks (unfortunately, only to still have 2 stars to show for it). Our toddler daughter, Annette, walked past me with a very stinky diaper. That’s when I knew it was time for me to up ass off the game for 2 hours and rediscover #parenthood with a hint of #adulting.

When I stopped my stream, I noticed something strange. I checked my Twitch account to see if it live streamed on there.

Guess what … That bitch didn’t!

Now, exhausted and somewhat delirious, I will have to start over again for my hour session this afternoon around 15:00/17:00 CST. Great. 😫😫😫


While trying to incorporate streaming into my alternative remote lifestyle, I am maintaining a healthy 4.0 GPA at GCU. This is a stellar moment for me because I never had a gpa this high except in high school when I took three separate band classes. Go figure!

So, without further ado, I’m about to disappear and try life again as I clean up a sweet little accident Annette left on the bathroom floor.

Until next time…

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