Hello everyone!

Today is a unique shared read. Actually, it’s a blog you should consider visiting, especially around the holidays!

As you know I am frequently on the hunt for elaborate and entertaining shared reads. This post is a little different because I want to shine light on some of the blogs I’ve interacted with this year.

Below I’ve compiled a unique list of my top favorite bloggers. Within that list you will know why I recommend their blogs and what made them special to me.

Make sure you share the crap out of this post, spread the love, and remember to always be yourself. Without further ado, let’s jump into the list!

Top Bloggers I Enjoy Reading and Interacting With!

  1. Bogdan Dragos:
    • The quote “Daydreaming is my Profession” rings true. Upon five years of inconsistent blogging, Bogdan Dragos was one of many consistent bloggers in my realm of writing and grammatical galore!
    • I enjoy his reads and poetry.
    • Did I mention every time I post something he’s one of many veteran bloggers to seek me out the bunch and shoot a like? Don’t get it twisted, people like what they like. However, if it fits then usually I will receive a notification stating that my piece of artwork or the post I’ve written captured his attention and possibly a future share on his platform.
    • Check out his reads and many more! The words are very captivating as it sets the setting out of your own reality.
  2. Nicholas Rossis:
    • I decided to include this significant author because of his welcoming interaction.
    • Shifting through the blog, he uses elaborate words that’s easy for any common person to understand. Everything is perfect, but a lot of his posts satisfy my avid reader taste.
  3. Cristian Mihai:
    • Cristian Mihai is another of my favorite reads. Similar to Bogdan, Cristian manages to find my writing out of many. On my old blog, I remember the support I would receive behind this user.
    • Now, I have not checked out their blog in a while, but I can strongly guarantee that you would not feel disappointed after reading a lucrative post.
  4. Aastha:
    • She is a total sweetheart. I remember starting The KKL and she was one of the few bloggers that interacted with me.
    • I’m still waiting for glamorous hand drawn art from her.
    • Her blog contains delicious reads, focusing on yummy food that use less than 10 ingredients.
  5. Phoebe MD:
    • QUEEN PHOEBE AT YOUR SERVICE! Anyone who’s anyone should check out her wonderful blog. It’s medically inspiring plus I’m a sucker for the monthly shares.
    • Her blog and lucrative posts pulled me through challenging times. Now, I’m in a healthier relationship and reduced depression.

I hope you enjoyed your insightful reading! Again, there are a handful of posts I would share on my blog, kitty paws down. Plus, after functioning on three hours of sleep, I’m surprised I’m able to type a complete sentence.

Below I included quick text links to the mentioned bloggers above. Happy Thursday, and keep your kitty klaws sharp with developing reads!

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Bogdan Dragos!

Cristian Mihai!


Phoebe MD!

Nicholas Rossis!