After spending a week straight of playing nothing but Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, I am currently ranked #3 locally and close to #17 in Dallas, Texas.

Moon Moon Moments Chapter One

Call me weird all you want, especially since this is the only game I’ve been playing for over 2 years now with my husband. However, I am starting to get the hang of playing as a Tank.

Every time I play Ranked Mode, I’m constantly streaming on their platform. Using Discord and the other gaming streaming platform slows down my phone too much.

Anyway, this post is pretty much straight to the point. Here are a few videos of me playing as Belerick. I want to discover another Tank, but I’m nervous there’s not one that suits my playing style (I jump in the middle of the cluster fuck of it all and cause significant amount of damages).

Also, if you join me live, make sure you shoot an #IAmGroot or #StopKillinTrees!!! Hell, I may purchase Grock to add to my tree theme.

Just a random placeholder because why not? Watch my cute little squiggly squiggles xoxo 💋😘

Until next time…