Good evening my beautiful ghouls! I hope you are prepared for a chilling night! As we wrap up Orgasmic October, approaching No Shave/Dick November, and ending the year with Dick You Down December, please note that we are all beautiful and I will increase my awkward puns come 2022.

Tonight is Halloween, one of the most wonderful holidays of the year I always look forward to. I intentionally skipped over Creative Session #5 to keep the spirit of fear and horror alive. Don’t worry, I won’t stuff you with excessive daunting content.

Of course, please note that you are reading this by choice and not because I am forcing you to venture into Pandora’s Box forever. Below I included several goodies, shared reads, and popping art work. I know it’s not the same as physically going to trick or treat, or throwing a rambunctious Halloween house party in an abandoned mansion filled with ghosts, ghouls, and that awkward demon that’s only there for the chips and dip. However, I would like to “curse” you all with enlightening content, hopefully sparking engagement now or in the near future.

Without further explanation, welcome to my first ever horrifying Haunted Post, housed with creepy and enlightening things to enjoy on your own downtime!