Imagine falling for someone for the first time. How did it feel before everything fell apart? Also, if it didn’t fall apart why is it worth keeping that type of love strong for years to come?

Throughout my life I realized I hang on to a lot of pain. Each time I prepare myself to speak to a healthy outlet, I’m disappointed after my session. Sometimes, I wonder what did I do to deserve this treatment.

said I was your Twin Flame You taught me to love again Showed me who I was supposed to be You were the one who set my heart free You freed me from my cell You were the oasis from the hell Taught me the difference between Life & Living You made every day Thanksgiving

Every Day Thanksgiving

Reading this poem gave me a different perspective with relationships and affection. It’s impossible to love someone with all of your heart only to not experience that feeling in the long-run. Why do we stay in relationships or partnerships like those when we deserve better?

Even several years after cutting toxic humans out my life, I realize I’m not living up to my true potential to love him/her with authentic transparency and affection. The fear of isolation and indirect rejection haunts me to my living core.

Give thanks and be thankful for who you are. At one point, we were the star villain in someone’s horrifying nightmare and luscious dreams. Remember, we cannot satisfy everyone, but we can give what we should or would like to receive.