How do you feel about social media? Is it more of a necessity or an accessory? I remember before the pandemic my husband and I chose to drastically slice social media out of our diets. However, it took me a little longer to let it all go because I hung on to a lot of toxic emotions, feelings, and memories.

Now, I’m noticing that there’s a heavy trend of excessive social media networking than authentic transparency through one’s writing. Hell, if it was up to me I would totally purge social media as a whole just to regain what the internet used to be. Of course we keep 4G/5G data and not that dial up shit.

illustration found on Now that the week is over, I will call it “the week when people challenged social media”.  I had a couple of clients who were pretty unimpressed by the response they got in the social media. Their problem was not with my work (thankfully!), but with the response they got. They thought […]

The Week I Challenged Social Media — Nicholas C. Rossis