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Hey everyone!

I guess you’re noticing that I’m back in this bitch with a vengeance.

As of October 2021, I am no longer writing for The website itself isn’t horrible. In fact, I don’t mind leaving an honest rating down below.

Why did I leave iWriter?

Brief background about myself and my writing journey, I started freelance writing Feb 2020. Over ten years, I have been writing and blogging for myself. Several days ago, I realized that more beginner writers are surfacing and there’s not enough room for an old-fashioned writer like myself.

Another reason I left that platform because I believed that the amount and quality of work I do doesn’t match the pay I deserve. Don’t get it twisted, I have my trashy days. Although those days happen, I still push above and beyond per project or requested academic service.

iWriter Review: Overall 7.5 out of 10

As a former iWriter writer, I think the platform came in handy with getting your feet wet with ghost writing. The pandemic forced me to result with my normal life online, and since I couldn’t go anywhere (waddling throughout my third trimester when the pandemic started, so for sure I had to stay home).

Before discovering iWriter, I used to write for Textbroker and I love both platforms since they’re beginner friendly. Unfortunately, I’m more of a money mongol, so I didn’t stay for a long time on either platform.

On a side-note, is a beginner friendly platform that pays pretty well. If you’re just starting out with transcribing, make sure you ask and rely on the community for help. The biggest mistake I made was doing everything myself and tackling huge projects.

I started taking iWriter seriously on August 2020. The most I made while writing for them was $740. The highest payment I earned on payday was $120.

Each week they pay writers on a Tuesday. However, it gets tricky if you’re needing to receive payment next Tuesday and you’re doing some work… you know… like today type shit.

One con I didn’t like about the platform was the customers and some of the customer service agents. Earlier this year, I had an issue with one of my orders. Ironically, it was around 4/20/2021. I had an article that I wrote for $4.20 that didn’t post to my account. For several months, I went back and forth with their customer service about that issue. Afterwards, I gave up since they were ignoring my emails.

Hell, they remind me of CashApp with their customer support, except they’re a little more reliable than CashApp. By the way, I have an exclusive shade rating about CashApp, but I won’t post it today. Keep an eye out for it (and screenshots)!

Anyway, I thought my time was over this week since I’m not interested in fighting for work on a platform that pays pennies on a dollar. I sent them an email with my decision, and sure enough Charles and Becky at iWriter took great care of my needs AND gave me my money.

One other con I didn’t like was the excessive requests or spammed out jobs on Elite and Premium levels. If you’re starting out on iWriter, the best way to rank up quickly is quality work and check out Accelerated2016 requests. He/She’s pretty on point and I love having them as a client.

Hooray, time for the pros!

One super pro I have is the ability to network your skills through each project you pick up. iWriter forces you to use their platform to contact your client and accept jobs from them. However, there’s a way to ease around it without violating their Terms of Services and Conditions.

Instead of trying to include your link(s) in the client’s work (and pretending that’s not your shit when they grill you like a cheese sandwich), talk to them about doing a feature article on your website or something.

I’m always doing everything out of kindness, especially since I know these people don’t have to pay me for the services provided. Still, I want them to get their money’s worth, even if it’s a simple $0.91 for 150 words. It depends on the type of writer you are behind closed doors.

Another pro I enjoy is accepting special requests and tips. Nope, please don’t expect getting a tip after writing a bad ass order of 2,200 words for $28.75 (Elite level). Just because it says the client sent x amount of tips does not guarantee you’ll get one!

However, I like some of my special requests because they actually read my shit and need me to keep delivering quality content. Unfortunately, because of what I have going on in our household, I can’t accept them like crazy. Plus, I keep forgetting that sometimes clients will send a bulk of special requests to multiple writers and you won’t know about it until after that shit’s gone.

My ultimate pro with this platform is the application process. Believe it or not, they’re pretty quick and transparent with their responses. I would go back to iWriter just for the application process. Still, everyone starts at the basic-bitch level and it’s up to you to tip the charts.

I chose my overall rating because they’re still far from perfect. If the pay and the quality of requests were worth picking up the job, I would focus more as a full-time writer than an on-call contractor.

I hope my mini review helps! I remember I posted a book about iWriter for beginners on Amazon, but I removed it from their platform (business reasons). Make sure you continue viewing updated content and share the love!

Also, if you enjoy what I mentioned, head over to the artist and writer contribution’s page and show some support, please! Even if you pitch in $.01, that’s fine by me. You’re in charge of how much I should receive to keep The Kitty Kat Life purring purrfectly.

Until Next Time…