You know, I’m not good with stuff like this, but here goes.

I caught myself reflecting more than usual for the past month and a half. It’s challenging to encourage those that follow what you like, or receive notifications when you post something new, to engage with you. At first, I thought I knew what I was doing. However, now I realized I was going at everything wrong.

First, allow me to catch you up to speed.

  • July 2021: My husband and I had our fourth child, AhnLee. Last pregnancy, our son didn’t resemble his father much, except for the heavy hands and the light skin complexion. After going through it with AhnLee, I see more of him than myself! I guess the hazel eyes and the wide nose gives it away.
    • I’m weird because things like development, psychology and physical changes behind having a baby, and genetics interest me a lot. I even spent my high school free time either in a biology AP class, or Human Anatomy learning about the human body and its functions.
  • Focus on college and parenting: Yep, I decided to go back to college… For the 4th or 5th time. I’m not a big fan of starting all the way over, but, at the end of the day, the sooner I get my degree, the sooner I can add that to my portfolio. How will this work with kids? Honestly, I don’t know, but we will figure something out!
  • Slowly perfecting my craft: Since I keep getting rejected by various small business assistance programs and stellar job positions, I’m throwing in the towel and do everything solo-dolo. I realized that instead of shitting out excessive blog posts, I might as well enhance them to where I like it and it is easier for others to read.
  • Discovering new outlets for success and brand awareness: Recently, I thought it was a wise idea to start streaming my game plays on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. However, I don’t think it’s worth the stress, especially after watching my husband do it and earned money from it. He’s better at this stuff than I am, so I may stream just to vent play or something cheesy.
  • Still craving an iPhone 11: Yep, my last update is I’m still trying to get another iPhone 11. I love the graphics and the talk time on that thing. I hope I get one soon before Apple takes it away, like most companies do with the perfect product(s).
    • My top reasons for wanting an iPhone 11 because of the screen size, over 24 hours of talk time, basic functionality, and vivid screen details that enhance artist and gaming experience.

I thought it would be wise to create monthly goals for myself to stay busy and positive. It’s annoying to set a deadline for yourself, and you never make it there. So, instead of stressing over every little thing, I set monthly goals to knock out the way and promote some form of progress. It’s not much, however, it’s better than wallowing in disappointment.

October & November Mini Goals

  • Move into a house or apartment miles away from home.
  • Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA.
  • Practice APA Format 7th Edition writing.
  • Rewrite quality posts instead of awkward trash ones.
  • Find the right daycare for everyone.
  • Get a new fucking car!!!
  • Create 50 art works collectively.
  • Invest in a sewing kit & teach Melody how to sew.
  • Save for iPhone 11 & kiddo’s surprises.
  • Create clothes for us to wear.

Like I mentioned earlier, each time I unlock my phone and open my web browser, I notice I begin to reflect on various character development choices. This happens primarily because I fear if I slack off for one day, I will miss positive opportunities and additional chances of getting out of this cluttered hole.

While I was away, defending my kingdom from the rampaging zombie ducks and monster trucks, I discovered the perfect brand for The Kitty Kat Life. For months, I was lost and searching in the wrong direction. There are thousands of blogs and avid writers that brag about their niches or upcoming best seller. Here I am, being a bump on a log, trying to figure out how to build a healthy network of reliable readers.

Suddenly, it hit me!

Once I establish my brand, I will have the chance to do and say whatever I want! My followers are following me because they noticed something cool about my website or art work. Most of them are unaware of other talents I possess, like writing and SEO content (with keyword focus), social media marketing, and (my personal favorite) academic proofreading and copywriting.

You know what…

…that’s okay if nobody knows how well I can write.

The important takeaway is understanding your dreams well enough to etch the perfect future for yourself. Plus, always allow your audience to engage with you through moderation and transparency.

Now, what about my brand?

Honestly, I don’t know where I fall on the spectrum regarding my blogs, colorful website, and cringing artwork. What I do know is being the next Adult Swim but better.

I loved the old Adult Swim. However, they went overboard with the blood and gore and sex. The only time I tap on the Adult Swim app is to watch Metalocalypse (Dethklok), Mr. Pickles, Super Jail, Black Dynamite, or The Boondocks.

Yep, think of me as the black woman of the group that watches borderline satanic shit but spiritual as fuck. Oh, and don’t forget my metal music! Gotta make sure I scare away my new friends. 😘

So, I guess you’re wondering what’s next on the agenda. Frankly, I don’t know.

I wanted to surprise all of you with a new hobby I’m willing to piece together. But I suck with surprises, and I know I mentioned it earlier.

You see, I’m tired of not finding the right clothes for my husband or the kids. Everyone is heavily focused on drop shipping that there’s not enough time or dedication to truly capture art when you least expect it.

Once we move, I will surprise everyone with a great gift! Also, prepare for me to go ghost like Danny Phantom in this bitch. Yes, I’ll sell some of my artwork and have it available for drop shipping, but I am not going to stuff all of my chocolate eggs in one basket.

In due time I will reveal my next hobby, and I hope y’all enjoy the show.

Until next time… Meow meow…