Hey everyone, as you noticed, the Kitty Kat Life has some raggedy updates going on here! Ha, okay, they’re not that bad, but it’s still a work in progress. I’ve been going through it for the past several weeks. Honestly, I’m ready for our family and I to move and start over fresh, digitally and in person.

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Quick Update

Okay, as I mentioned in the last paragraph, I’ve been all over the place, from updating my website and discovering unique ways to networking what I do. Since I’m somewhat back on iWriter, I’m also taking advantage to network my brand and truly reach out to these clients without violating iWriter’s TOC (terms of conditions).

Below are several updates I’m currently working on and should complete… uh… soon? Ya know, with four kids and a future husband that works around the clock, we barely have time to do fucking anything, but that’s not the point of this post.

PS: Sorry GoogleAds for cussing EVEN THOUGH you’re spying on those who have Google Chrome installed on their devices. The article explaining their way to “promote privacy” while “serving us ads we want to see” is a trip. I’ll link it afterwards or post as a shared read! Keep an eye out for it.

“DuckDuckGo search gives you truly private search results without tradeoffs in result quality. DuckDuckGo search is completely anonymous and if you add our app & extension on top, we help keep you private when browsing off of search results.” DuckDuckGo FAQ

So, WTF am I doing?

The ultimate goal is to create a platform y’all will invest your time, views, funds, ad space, whatever in. I’m done trying to fight for SEO content or tailing behind trendy mannerisms. My future husband and I talked one night, and he enlightened me on several pointers that I should never forget.

While I’m pushing my hardest to create everything before intentionally publishing my works and services like crazy, I noticed I lost myself within the process. Yep, I spent excessive nights watching YouTube videos about how to write effective content for your blog, enhance customized designs for proper dropshipping, and more.

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

This stressed me out a lot, almost wanting to skip out on paying for my website to stay live. However, my future husband reminded me of something very important.

Stay true to yourself.

I’m quick to do what everyone else is doing, just to have what I need (plus some). After wasting my summer studying how CPC, CPM, GoogleAds, AdSense, Medium, and Pinterest works, I realized I wasn’t doing shit. The only thing I’ve gained was an active iWriter account and a blog to do whatever I want.


Now, sitting down and focusing hard on my self-reflection, I’m intentionally doing what feels right for me and the business I’m wanting to create with my future husband. It’s not exactly what I want, but it’s going to put us where we need to be in the next several months.

Stack up and pace yourself.

The next topic I want to touch on is stacking while pacing. My King and I had a hard time working together at the beginning. Trust me, this is the fourth website I created, and so far I haven’t been told to take it down! Yes, that’s an accomplishment for me on so many levels.

Before, I created a website that focused on reading comprehension and English literacy. It was called… wait for it… Sapiodiction©™. The purpose of the website was to help those that suck with English or would like to build their communication to acceptable standards to improve. After showing it to my King and telling him about it, he said no.

Don’t worry, the idea was purr-fection, but the name itself was a “hell fuckin’ no”. It slipped my mind that some people venture beyond reality and dive straight into the gutter. Okay, next idea please!

Next was Blk Cat Zon3© or BCZ3™. She’s not dead y’all, just currently under construction!

Anyway, I created her to inspire underground artists, musicians, and those with a creative dark personality to rise against the common trends and smack them in the face! Okay, that was too much, but you get the picture.

Well, the blog and website were somewhat of a bust, as I made it more about parenting, prenatal trials, and a lot of informal self-help. The blog posts I constructed sounded as though I was writing for people and not for myself. My King and his jester checked my website one day, and gave me feedback about it.

Yep, had to take her down too. However, my King actually liked the name, so I kept it!
Now, here we are with The KKL© or The Kitty Kat Life©, and so far I have heard nothing yet. Still, that’s not to say I’m not responsible for what I’m doing. There’s a lot of work I need to finish, and there’s not enough time in the world for me to do it all before I crash.

But I continue to pace myself and do what I can without stuffing every little thing on my plate. While I want to take over everything, there are some little things I need to relax on and let it happen when it’s time.

Let’s look towards the future, not today or tomorrow, but beyond!

Finally, the last thing I would like to bless each of you with is what I’m pushing for. For several months, I worked day and night to make sure my website runs smoothly.

Along the way, I discovered new habits and trashed the rest. The first thing I discovered were the stats and who’s receiving more love. I figured you guys love the Shared Reads because of organic exposure and transparency. Great!

I won’t take it away, I promise. This works out for the both of us because most of the time I’m too busy working with college, checking my iWriter, and creating other things or tutoring other college students.

Some of you are too busy to read my shit. Yeah, I said it. Honestly, that’s okay.
Next is what’s going to happen here at the KKL. I understand everyone won’t read this through, especially since this is longer than my usual posts. However, I really don’t mind it at all. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

The next phase I’m actively working on is catering more to my beloved Indian and Asian market than the American side of the world. I’ll keep my personal comments to myself about America, but this is true. After receiving more love overseas than at home, it’s time to move around. I appreciate everyone, but we are going to connect with everyone and their cultural backgrounds.

I’m also building another website that’ll cater more to art and other digital products than shared reads. You probably tinkered around on the Kreative Kollection page. If not, don’t worry. I don’t have a lot of products ready yet.

On the website connected to the page, I’m also going to develop a section that’ll cater to tutoring and writing on a college level. Please, don’t think of it as academic writing or those weirdo service mills that take advantage of students. Though, that’s another conversation in itself!

Once it’s complete, I’ll post more information about it. However, know that this will really really benefit those that need help with writing or homework guidance (or clarity).

Oh, I forgot, I may or may not create a section for blog writing. I’m pretty burnt out with it, even writing content for myself, but time may change how I feel. I’ll figure it out, then create an update regarding that soon.

Finally, the last update I’ll provide for you is our online store with SpreadShop. Similar to the other website, focusing on digital reads and products, I’m taking my time with it as well. I should receive a new phone in the mail soon. Once I get my new phone, I’ll start creating art and short animated videos.

All art on the Kitty Kat Life store is copyrighted and protected with a cute signature somewhere within the design. I’m thinking about keeping SpreadShop and start selling physical products domestically (not domestic violence but in the United States… don’t abuse me America). That’s also in the works, so don’t give up hope yet! I can’t find what I’m looking for online, so I have to make things myself.

Thanks for sticking to the end!

Alright everyone, that’s pretty much all I have to say! I appreciate you sticking with me ‘til the very end. Once more things are better tied together, I’ll honor my word and create an open store sale of 50% off of deliverable merch, 20% off of digital merch (The Kitty Kat Life clothing store only), and 15% off of all customized tutoring/writing packages.

I sorta suck with money, but I’m more of a quality over quantity type gal.

Thanks for staying in there with me, and also a mega shout out to my viewers/blog lurkers that read but like nothing (like not pressing the “like” button)! The more you view, the higher outside search engines like Baidu and DuckDuckGo notice us.

Have a delicious evening!

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