I wish reanimation was a thing. Each day, I fight to stay alive, listening to the tiny voices in my head.

Today, those same voices are silent. I guess I scared them last night, pulling the trigger on myself to make them stop.

There was one voice in particular that gave me instant chills. I’m unsure if I am scared or attracted by her presence.

She sounded like a wounded girl. Her voice carried from one side of my mind to the other, coaxing me until I slipped into a never-ending dream. If I believed hard enough, I think she became one with my active imagination.

We talked for hours about different pretty things.

I told her how much I appreciated her undivided attention, unsettling comments towards my character, and distraught visions of my life.

Several more moments flew by, and I woke up from it all. I thought I was dead for a second. Then again, maybe that’s God’s way of calling me home.