Answer to Where can I promote blog posts after publishing to gain more traffic? by Cleo Azure

Quora Answer by Cleo

As we wrap up September, I also want to discuss several housekeeping rules.

  1. Don’t bug me about regurgitating content. I’m not a big fan of writing marketing blogs like Ahnhared. However, I don’t believe in copying someone else’s intellectual property to increase views. If it inspires me to do so, I’ll do it. I’m basically saying, whatever is worth the share I’ll share it. Similar to my art and poetry posts, except some generic content here and there.
  2. Please, enjoy yourself. It’s boring to follow all the rules mapped out by the internet. Discover yourself through our artwork or creative content.
  3. Please, don’t spam. As a beginner blogger, it’s challenging to share your baby with the entire world. However, never lose faith. Discover what works for you and find a way to let it flow naturally.

Aside from these rules, make sure you enjoy yourself and get lost within the digital reads. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am about to scout the internet for more delicious reads to share with everyone!!! 🥰😁