The Devil and I began to dance once more. He told me to lie there, take it, believe no more.

My God failed me, forsaken me, went against thee. If I had a chance to pray once more, I would ask the Devil to bind Him to Hell’s floor.

The Devil caressed my body and tongued my spirit, filling her with careless lies. He knew my mind went weak with the slightest form of affection.

This is normal for me, lack of empathy and attention.

Dancing slowly, he shoved his love between mine, reminding me there’s no stronger being than he. At first, I didn’t believe it.

Now, my life twisted around his seductive finger, probing me away from the Saint I once was.

The Devil and I danced once more. He shoved my body against the floor, licked my wounds God left me with until they were no more.

The Devil whispered I love you, lovingly in my ear. He made sure my subconscious could hear.

Now, leaving me alone, the Devil told me to awaken and fight to live another day. After that night, I knew I instantly became his beloved slave.

Source: First song is sung by Charlie Wilson. You can find it in action in “The United States vs. Billie Holiday” on Hulu.
Source: Second song is sung by Iann Darcy. You can find it, and many others, on his latest album Broken Boi Tingz (released 2021). Click here to view more information.