Dip into darkness, maneuvering past space and time.

Sink into secrecy, before you’re well known.

Now, see what I see, and mean it.

I don’t fully know who I am anymore.

Are you for me or formed against me? Is it the truth, or are you reshaping our reality?

Live in the present, rediscover the past, and never question the future.

Not once did we slip under, but I fear that this time we’re going under.

Dip into darkness. Embrace the unknown. Am I a man or are you the monster? Are we together forever, or forever alone?

Forever against the light.

Despite how we are, love will heal most broken things.

One day closer to salvation, can you taste it yet? Two days away, redeveloping into a faithful reality. Third times the charm, though I’m no charmer. Forward ever and a day, moving backwards, making less time to pray.

Neither here nor far away.

Take me with you.

Let me love you forever, starting today.


Eternity Bleu