Timing Strategy for Social Media and Facebook. Consistent posting needs timing and strategic writing with attention grabbing presentation. Therefore, it will require a few days and even weeks of sharing posts to establish optimized engagement time. That is why I mentioned the auto posting tool for social networking and Facebook. Which you will have access […]

Discover How social media works For your Marketing

So far I am working on building my “social media” skills. My boyfriend is a little better at it than I am. He tells me otherwise, but I spend most of my time on WordPress sharing content or brainstorming with my team on a topic to blog or journal about.

However, the social media pages are coming soon. Well, to you it’s social media. To me, it’s a platform to build artistic credibility.. And networking!

But go check out their blog for more reads please!!! Gotta throw some education your way before we get soaked up in the abstract art!