There are ways to increase your network marketing traffic. You don’t have to have a huge marketing budget to increase your traffic organically. However, you do have to know SEO, on-page on all page technicalities. Also, it helps to know some content marketing as well, or if you prefer digital marketing which includes contact marketing […]

How to Increase Your Marketing Traffic
The Kitty Kat Life stats as of 08/28/2021

After reading through parts of this article (hey, it’s one of those take what you can get type reads, and learn from it) I felt it’s only fair to show parts of that advice in real time.

Currently, August has been the best month because of one major thing. Can you guess what it is?

*waits 5 seconds*


Okay, enough bullshitting on my end. Realistically, it’s advisable to balance out your writing, scheduling, and posting habits. What works for me may not work for you.

On my other blog, Blk Cat Zon3 (pronounce it zone), I mostly focused on the professionalism of writing and SEO content. I was able to gain nearly 100 followers, but my views and genuine feedback doesn’t come close to this.

The other day, I told my boyfriend that compared to the other blog, I favor this one better. Why?

I’ll tell you why, after theeeeeese messages!

Ha, just kidding. I did put some extra space between us just for the hell of it. Don’t worry, it’s not an ad.

Honestly, I favor this blog because I am being myself more. I am the kind of person that calls people on their bullshit, site my sources, and still say “have a wonderful day you lucky bitch”. Or, I am the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet (professionally of course) and my boyfriend is the greatest man in the entire world…

That last part didn’t make sense, but it still had a nice little tickle to it.

If you’re nervous about the kind of writer, artist, rambler, or life insurance genius, then log out right noooow! Today’s a cheat day for me, so I am talking off the wall until further notice. Be yourself while running your business. It’s fine to sound like everyone else, but generic shit will only get you so far.

Focus on what works and don’t feel afraid to expand your skills.

Make sure you show that shared post some love and feedback. I noticed that they have 2 comments and a lot of likes. Actually take time to skim through it and learn from a professional or an everyday busy body (me).

Until next time…