Beautifully written. I’m not strong with poetry, but the language throughout the entire piece caught my attention and enjoyed every second of it.

Keep writing and hopefully you make it back to the UK once the pandemic ends and everyone remembers to wash their hands, ass, face, and whatever else that needs soap and water (totally terrible with my mom jokes).


Let’s all just pretend that I’m now your best friend and then we can mend the whole world.
But then again no! Well that goes to show I am slow but my sails have unfurled.

It just takes a sec (you pain in my neck) to check that I’m not full of shit.
But now that’s the thing, all this love that I bring makes you cling to my unbridled whit.

A promising start as I’m breaking your heart with my art that is painting with words.
Just don’t be so quick or I’ll make you quite sick as I pick through your bees and your birds.

It’s a talent. I strive to survive this alive whilst I piss off the ‘under achievers’
Though I guess you posses a small batch of success as I watch your slow slide to bereavement.

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