Last night kicked my ass. I keep forgetting that AhnLee isn’t six months yet, otherwise I’d have her sleep in a crib by herself. Obviously, I’ll have Elmo or her dad’s music playing on YouTube, so she won’t feel alone in dreamland.

Other than the lack of sleep, I don’t think I am handling my stress levels accordingly. This is day three of consistent stress and frustration. I don’t blame anyone for making me feel this way, but I guess you can say it’s more situational than anything else. Hell, I’m not bringing the fire with my writing this morning.

However, the show must go on, and there’s bound to be something that’ll trigger my creative juices!

“I Cant Think” by Iann Darcy, cover art by Ahnhared Horne

I doubt I’ll have time to write for myself…

…since Annette mixed my phone with saturated wet dog food and a mysterious brown substance. Yuck!

Annette is only a toddler, but she’s getting extremely crafty with her silent destructive tinkering. Our son, Junior, is following close behind, and learning how to do crazy squats and baby chin-ups. By the time he’s five years old, he’ll be one buff kid.

Still, I need to get on a sturdy schedule and figure out how to make the right moves. My boyfriend is working super hard to support us and sitting around all day complaining will get nothing accomplished.

In the next several months, things are going to change rapidly and drastically. From relocation to extreme career switching, I’m not too sure I will have time to write. Still…

…the show must go on and when there’s a will, damn it, there’s a fucking way to make it happen! I can’t slow down, especially since I started college almost a week ago. There has to be a way to survive the next four weeks without crashing all over the place.

“Hari’s Interlude” by Iann Darcy, cover art by Ahnhared Horne… Also, I LOVE THIS SONG!

Now, in the next several months, I’m also working on several projects. I should probably cut back on some of my workload if I want to succeed in my dream goals before 2026.

I will honestly say that self-publishing a book is on the far left back burner. By the time I write half of my novel, my desired publishing date would already pass us by three months. Though, if I publish a book on that date, I would completely feel so at ease with myself that I would do a crazy dance on top of a polar bear drinking the finest wine on earth!

Oh, that reminds me (before I have to go do the mommy thing and try to squeeze in three hours of “My Hero Academia” interrupted), I officially have another partner in crime to help bring this content to life… Okay, they’re more of a writer, not a relationship companion… Yeah, I think I made this more awkward on myself than it has to be.

Anyway, I found another writer, so hopefully things will grow the way it’s supposed to. Also, I am patiently waiting to get an iPhone 11 Pro so I can resume my anti-climatic livelihood while smothering my boyfriend with tons of kisses, hugs, and foot rubs.

It’s tempting to spill the whole gumbo pot of goodies, but I won’t do that just yet. Lastly, keep an eye out between October and December for fresh changes. As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be super busy, so I am leaving you all in talented hands as I fix some shit in our lives.

So, please continue to read, lurk, mourn, or whatever else you do when you halfway read my shit. I truly appreciate the little things our growing community does, and I can’t wait to lose myself in exceptional shared reads.

Oh, that reminds me!

Continue to read through the shared reads. I may not have time to hop on the computer, unless it’s submitting an assignment, but I will stay on top of sharing interesting articles, blogs, poetry, and much more! No, I’m not doing it to boost traffic. If you write great, I’m going to read it, comment, share, and encourage others to do the same.

That’s it!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and Happy Halloween!