One of my blog friends (R. Douglas) made a comment to me a few months ago, and it really stood out. He said that he often wishes to write for readers instead of writing for writers… I began to think about that. When I write my blog, I know that most of my audience are […]

Reading and Writing and Writing and Reading

I don’t mind turning off my comment section and blog my life away. Hell, I’m used to people reading about my day but never take the time to talk to me about it.

It’s fairly easy for me to achieve both. I always admired describing my thoughts, wonders, and concerns with prolonged paragraphs and verbiage. The other side of my skills find it moderately challenging to write for other writers since beauty and creative perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

Personally, take a break and let it flow naturally. Usually when that happens for me I can come up with amazing topics, content, and journal entries.