Hello Gentle Readers and Kind Lurkers, While I usually have a story to tell or some research to share here on this blog, that’s not going to happen this week. You see, I’m tired of writing, don’t feel like doing it this week. Shocking, I know. Perhaps the rigors of blogging have finally gotten to […]

Not Monkeying Around: A Shocking Admission + 7 Links For Your Edification

I have horrible control issues. My ending score is 35, and honestly, my boyfriend is right. It’s incredibly challenging to allow someone have some form of control in my life, especially with the kiddos or what I want to do.

Then again, I also suck at letting people know what I really want. Oh well, you guys, please know I have a slight control issue! Go check out this read for yourself and let me know which link you chosen for your enjoyable read.