Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! is one of the most simplistic thing I can do on a steamy Saturday afternoon. Yeah, I feel empty without my laptop.

Before I dive into my little pass time, I would like to bring wonderful awareness to the digital world that our youngest Pup-Kitten is officially one month old! Congratulations AhnLee, you are now a solid one month and (almost) six hours old! We are proud of your development and swift weight gain.

For those who’re unaware of AhnLee, she is our newest edition to our growing family. So far we have one of every zodiac, except for one… Or is it two? No, I think it’s one of every zodiac (including the first seven months except April and June).

Zodiac, Numerology, and Spiritual Destiny (oh me, oh my)!

Starting off the calendar year is Annette. She’s an adorable Capricorn ♑ with cute issues. Next is yours truly, representing any and all of our beloved Aquarians ♒. Skipping over Pisces ♓, we have Melody and her Aries ♈ personality.

Approaching the warmer months is my boyfriend, our son, and AhnLee. My boyfriend is a steadfast Taurus ♉, traditional, loving, and extremely stubborn with a strong intellectual aroma. Our son is a quirky (sorta clingy too) Gemini ♊. Right now, he’s a fast growing toddler that’s obsessed with biting feet, ankles, and toes… Talk about a real life ankle biter!

Skipping June but helping the family stay hydrated is our AhnLee, who is a tiny potato Cancer ♋. Similar with everyone else, I tried to push for her delivery July 31st. However, the Ol’ Man Upstairs had other plans, which placed me in the back of the EMT early morning 10 days before the 31st (July 21).

My boyfriend isn’t big on zodiac signs like I am. I love tarot cards, palm reading, and observing the beauty of planetary alignment with ones spiritual and elemental being. It’s been a while since I touched any of those marvelous items, but once we are in a better spot, I will tap back into my ancient Wiccan side… Minus all the magic.

Starting Over with MLBB (so sad, or too glad?)

Almost two or three weeks ago, I had to start over with my Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. On my old account, I was a successful Grandmaster IV. Unfortunately, after doing a complete system reset on my device, I cannot access most of my old information.

Am I sad about it? Nah, not really. I think a fresh start is something that I need anyway.

Mobile Legends stats for Rank: Elite I as a Marksman
Current stats as of 08/21/2021 for ID: 1039336015

So far my popular characters are:

  1. Maya (Marksman)
  2. Nana (Mage/Support)
  3. Layla (Marksman)
  4. TBA
  5. TBA

I’m still dabbling with different characters, see which ones I can do better with or improve on. Right now, with the crazy kiddos breathing down my neck and ankles, I don’t think I have much time to practice anyone else.

My boyfriend is fucking EPIC and it’s AMAZING!!! I play this game, and Mobile Legend: Adventure, as a sweet mini hobby whenever I am stressed or overwhelmed. The goal is hitting Grandmaster before the end of this season, so that way I can take another break and push myself to Epic, play along with my boyfriend (hopefully he finds me on this account and has time to do so while streaming on twitch).

Is this game crazy popular?

In my opinion, not too popular compared to Roblox, Fortnite, 2K22, and other multiplayer and platform games. I like games like Adventure Quest, Adventure Quest Worlds, and so on from Artix Entertainment, LLC. I played their games since 2006, and here I am still at it at 25 years old (go figure).

Now, if both Artix Entertainment, LLC and Moonton collaborated on a series of beautiful mobile games, I think the mobile multiplayer industry would shift differently. There are players out here that appreciate differentiation or variety of class, elements, and competition.

One huge thing that’ll concern me is the downloading time and some of the features that triggers lag or the app crashing. I don’t appreciate the shit crashing any more than the next person, but geez!

Time to Wrap It Up…

Well, as much as I enjoy writing, I am going to cut it short and get back with relaxing. I start my online classes with GCU Monday, and hopefully in the next several weeks I can finally purchase a new laptop and pay towards my Southern New Hampshire University loan.

I’m not the one for excessive recommendations, but I love that college to the core. SNHU is the best, in my honest opinion, and well worth the patience to knock it out the park. Maybe GCU is the same way, though SNHU still has my heart with a website that’s mobile friendly AND you can transcribe your lessons for the week.

Until next time, stay cool and stay sharp! More stuff and projects coming soon, even if it’s in pieces. 😭😭😭🙃🙃🙃