Today’s prompt was space. After counting down the days I have until the contest ends, I quickly wrote what was in my heart and mind.

Honestly, I hope this is enough to be recognized by certified crafty writers and motivated readers across the board. Mental health and talk about depression is a little played out since the pandemic started, and everyone’s jumping on board with the depression talk. Still, I guess you can assume that I’m doing the same, but taking it further.

Why talk about how sad I am when I can show off my crazy side, with that strong stench of desperation and mid day musty armpits? Yep, I did go there, only because our baby is three weeks old and she’s giving me a bit more hell to pay this week than last week.

Basically: I don’t have time to shower when I am chasing two toddlers, a kindergarten kiddo, and a cute newborn that’s.. well.. crazy like Mommy and Daddy stuff in one room.

Anyway, before I grow sidetrack with my rants, feel free to read my new contest entry. The topic is “space”, so I dove deep with this one with fewer words. Enjoy!

By the way, if you don’t use Medium, I strongly advise you should try it out for a little while. It’s hard to gain loyal readers, let alone traction, but it’s a start.

Meow meow, until next time!!!