This topic kind of flowed from a post I did a little while ago, Would You Advertise Your Blog on Someone Else’s Site? People’s comments got me thinking about the subset of bloggers who are quite focused on earning an income, and about differences in communities between income-oriented and non-income-oriented blogging, and then the various […]

Are You Trying to Earn an Income from Your Blog?

At first, I believed in getting paid as a blogger since I am well-seasoned for over ten years. However, my interests and skills changed. Now, I see blogging as a digital diary that focuses on the journaling style of writing.

It would feel amazing to receive payment from my blog! I visioned it as a simple process, like making a post then people will pay to read your writing after certain amount of blogs. If they like you within the community, then you continue to receive payment. If not, then you’re SOL.

What are y’all thoughts?