The princess paced slowly in the courtyard, waiting for her prince to arrive. “When will he come? I hope he didn’t get lost.” she said to herself. The lilies in the garden stood tall, dancing with several roses and dandelions against the wind. You could almost see a beautiful rainbow throughout the courtyard.

Several hours passed, and the prince failed to make his grand appearance. Defeated, the princess dragged her beautiful slippers back towards the castle, hoping for the day to kill itself right where it stands.

Suddenly, a light tapping on the chamber doors knocked the princess out of her pitting trance, forcing her to see who it is. “Hey, I’m sorry for taking forever with your food. I got caught up on the highway on the way here. Here’s the lunch you ordered.”

The princess snatched the bag out of the prince’s hands and checked it hungrily. “Hey, there’s no ketchup! I told you to make sure they put some in there. This happens every time I order take out.” she complained.

“Look, I’m just the delivery driver until I clock out. Sorry that they forgot, but if you want to complain, please do so once I complete this delivery. Also, nice joint you got here.”

The princess sighed heavily and slammed the chamber doors in the prince’s face. “Hey, don’t get mad at me! I’m working as hard as I can, okay? Sheesh, cut the attitude.” said the prince.

While food is a great way to a woman’s heart, we should look beyond her stomach and rediscover the true meaning of falling in love with her while perfecting the art of courting and being in a healthy relationship.

People fall in love every day. Some say it lasts a lifetime. Others believe that if they were to fall in love with someone, they’ll sacrifice all the fun adventures only to settle down into a calming lifestyle. However, falling in love is easy. Staying in love with your partner is the challenging part, that’ll either make or break your fairytale.

It’s only right if you let it happen naturally.

I fell in love with my partner back in July 2019. It was the most magical moment ever, something I would never forget, or allow him to forget every time I bring it up in side conversations. Next month will mark two strong and trying years of us weathering each storm through creativity and patience.

The main way I sensed he was the right one for me is when our souls and unspoken desires spoke to one another. I’m highly spiritual, but not religiously. Several years ago, I used to dibble dabble with voodoo, Wiccan magic, and lightly researched ancient Satanism to enhance my spiritual knowledge.

Yes, the dream of becoming a voodoo queen looms over me quietly.

On July 6, 2019, I was doing food deliveries late at night. Some would say it was early in the morning since it was between two and three o’clock. He was my last order, and after delivering his food, he advised me to stay safe. In that moment, I believed he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

We met before, almost two months ago, around the same time in the same area. The only thing that was different is that I had to hurry and leave. Although I picked up another order, this man remained in the back of my mind, close to my subconscious.

Now, we’re one huge happy family, preparing to welcome baby number four, and pushing for our businesses to boom like wildfire.

This love happened naturally. In the past, I forced that natural love upon several men, resulting in abuse and neglect. My last relationship placed me in a bad funk, which lasted almost a year and a half. He was handsome in my eyes, however, because of his narcistic mindset and physical strength, parts of the old relationship didn’t appear healthy. The abuse continued until I left him alone and lived near the city.

When it’s your turn to fall in love, take time to listen to your subconscious and spiritual connection. Yes, we know that science plays a huge role in releasing romantic chemicals in our brains, triggering that “in love” emotions. But what does it all mean if you’re also not taking the time to connect with yourself on a spiritual level (even if you don’t believe in anything)?

Why are you wanting to fall in love in the first place? Are you ready for the challenges and happiness that come with a healthy relationship? Hell, is this something for you?

Make the best of each situation, no matter how difficult it is.

Once you make it past the honeymoon phase, that’s where the genuine work begins. Our honeymoon phase ended as outside people grew overly opinionated about our relationship. This can happen, which could reduce the chances of romance between the two lovebirds.

However, we found a way (and heavily negotiated on certain subjects) to make it work. Some nights felt long as hell, sleepless and full of stress. Other nights, we were passionate lovers basking on the warm sand, not wearing anything except our beautiful ebony skins and essential body oils.

Change your mindset to make the best of each situation, no matter how difficult it is. Feel you’re ready to give up? Before you answer, picture your life without them. Does your mind yells otherwise, or are you completely content with not being around them?

It’s normal to think this way. Even in a relationship, you are responsible for taking care of yourself. Your wellbeing is just as important as knowing their favorite color or what makes your partner tick. Some couples feel that if they take too much time for themselves, they will tumble out of love.

That’s where balance and sacrifice comes in.

Balance and know when to sacrifice in the relationship.

I’m not that great with balancing since we’re preparing for major life changes and healthier transitions. However, I still take some time to sit down and brainstorm different techniques to practice achieving balance and peace in my life.

Right now, I’m a freelancer, a mother, a blogger, and a damn wonderful homemaker. I’m also a student attending Southern New Hampshire University, so I try to further my education in any way possible. With these things happening at once, I may go a little crazy with my time and how much I spend in each area.

My spouse comes in and helps me manage some things I want to accomplish. He’ll even advise me to take a step back from that task, allow myself time to regroup, and then try again at a later time.

Sometimes, I’ll do it with no questions asked. Other times, I would make a tremendous fuss over it, not wanting to be like everyone else that starts something, then quit afterwards. However, whenever my partner notices something that’s distracting or needing some adjustments, he will speak up about it.

This is how our balance works.

We talk to each other about it, even if we do not take the advice at first. Afterwards, we go back and plan things through as a team and find out what works and what doesn’t.


To achieve balance, one should understand that sacrifice will arise. You don’t have to give up everything, but consider taking the time to move things around for the other person. This will show them you genuinely care about their feelings and the relationship. Plus, you’ll create a healthier culture of making time for that other person, learning new things about them they’ve kept hidden until the right moment.

If you sacrifice too much, you will lose yourself in the relationship. Many individuals forget that whenever you fall in love, sacrifice comes with balancing out activities or connecting events that’ll strengthen their connection.

Too much of a good thing can grow into a nasty habit. Set reasonable boundaries while sacrificing, and practice open communication. Let the other person in, even if it’s a little, regarding your schedule or lifestyle, and work through it. This will encourage longevity in the relationship and further your patience for them.

Emotional people need love too!

Okay, so here’s a secret…

I am an emotional little fuck. Yep, I said it.

When I was a little girl, I would cry almost every day, even if nothing happened. My mother would tell me that when someone asked about my name, I would start to cry before I told them what it was. Crazy, right?

It’s normal for overly emotional people to find true love in their lives. Although, I would suggest to not completely rely on emotions all the time. There will come a time when an issue or issues would need to be addressed and using emotions will not solve that problem.

If you and/or your partner are emotional people, then take discover a new way to speak a love language. Also, embrace your emotions through healthy activities, like art, writing, exercising, watching movies, or discovering a hidden hobby. This will heighten both yours and their emotions while encouraging a new way for communication, transparency, and trust.